Rescue Operation:

December 2015, Cebu, The Phillipines

Set Them Free Off Road 2015 funded two rescue operations. In the first, Americans paid to stream live videos and abusive images of children being forced to perform sexual acts from a small home in Cebu, the Philippines. Additionally, authorities noticed one little girl among bystanders gathering outside the home, from photos they had earlier reviewed as evidence. This child and four other children (including two others under age 10) were rescued from cybersex trafficking by IJM rescue operatives. The little girl celebrated freedom on her 6th birthday the day after her rescue. Two suspects were arrested and IJM will support public prosecutors with the case of online sexual exploitation.

Rescue Operation:

October 2015, Mumbai, India

Set Them Free Off Road 2015’s second rescue operation is detailed as follows. Four girls as young as 10 were rescued in October 2015 from a moving train headed hundreds of miles away from their home to Mumbai. A train passenger who happened to be an NGO employee had called in a tip to the government social service agency—several girls were seen traveling with a couple that seemed overly watchful and suspicious. The agency called IJM, which immediately mobilized two teams. After rushing train platform after platform searching for the girls, they finally spotted them sitting with a couple who seemed to be guarding their every move. Two IJM staff struck up a conversation with the couple, surreptitiously typing information into their cell phones. By the time the train came to its next stop—about an hour and a half later—police were waiting on the platform. The suspects had become hostile, and police intervened and made the arrests. The girls are now at a shelter for trafficking survivors, and IJM will continue to work with the government authorities to make sure they receive the care they need. Most of the girls were able to make contact with their families.

Rescue Operation:

September 2014, Mumbai, India

As a result of the generous donations and multiplication efforts from Set Them Free Off Road 2014, we were able to raise over $23,000 (gross) and fund a complex rescue operation in Mumbai, India. This means we funded the provision of local investigative personnel, a safe home for each girl, and legal counsel for all six victims of sexual slavery and exploitation. The rescue operation alone cost approximately $4,500. Each victim received the opportunity to return to her family (if it was a safe situation) as well as physical, emotional, and psychological abuse counseling. The video below shares more about how the girls were rescued out of a small hole in a wall where they were forced to hide when rescue operatives invaded the brothel.

The remaining funds were reserved for donations to a local Colorado restoration home through Restore Innocence as well as for future fundraising opportunities, including The Justice Run 2015, Set Them Free Off Road 2015, and film previews of Nafarious: Merchant of Souls..

Rescue Operation:

September 2013, Kolkata, India

Set Them Free Off Road 2013 raised $10,000 (gross) in our inaugural year and donated $4,500 to the International Justice Mission (IJM) with directive to rescue underage girls from sexual slavery. We are pleased to share a portion of the report that details the operation that secured the rescue of three victims and the arrest of five perpetrators.


The remaining funds raised from Set Them Free Off Road 2013 were used to establish an inaugural fundraising year budget that would go on to finance events such as The Justice Run 2014, Set Them Free Off Road 2014, and film previews of Nafarious: Merchant of Souls.

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