Frequently Asked Questions

Matching donations happen when employers (usually) double a donation made to a non-profit organization by their employees – and thus, a “matching donation.” Many companies have matching programs, so check with your employer to see if your donation qualifies to be matched. Companies that have matching programs include: AMGEN, Alaska Airlines, Bank of America, Boeing, Boeing Employees Credit Union, The Gates Foundation, Getty Images, Microsoft, Starbucks, U.S. Bancorp. Unfortunately, we cannot initiate a corporate match; please contact your company to obtain the necessary forms and instructions for matching your donation.

STF has a several fold policy in who and how we partner with organizations. In addition to a thorough screening process, we attempt to have a hands on approach with the funds that STF invests in organizations. After finding efficient and effective non-profit partners, we monitor how your donations are spent.

It is very important to understand that STF is a grassroots movement. Our goal is not merely to raise money but to inspire people towards compassionate justice. We want to inspire people to care about the millions that are suffering from sex slavery. While your donations go to organizations, causes, and projects, individuals are more than welcome to give directly to any of the organizations we highlight through this website. We don’t care how…we simply want to invite people to engage the cause to end human trafficking.

We’re going to do what you do every day. Invest wisely. You write us a check for $100; we’re going to multiply that into $150, $200, $500, maybe even $1000, for example, so that your donation can rescue more victims of the sex trade. How? We hold annual fundraising events that can accomplish more in the way of abolition than what an average individual donor could do alone. Your donations make events like ‘Set Them Free Off-Road’ possible. Then, STF uses the money raised (minus expenses) to fund proven organizations that rescue and rehabilitate victims, and work to change local and national human trafficking legislation. While compassion is very important, our priority is not to write blank checks but to carefully fund organizations, projects, and causes that change the future for the victim stuck in the sex for sale industry.

Anyone can give. You don’t have to be a CEO, millionaire, or a Hollywood star to make an impact on the issue of human trafficking. But having said that, we don’t mind receiving donations from Donald Trump or Angelina Jolie. You can certainly just make a one-time donation but we are the most successful when people choose to renew their one-time donations each month. Make it fun! Donate each year on a special day…a day that is meaningful to you. Or donate in honor of a loved one.

You can donate through two main options: snail mail and via our website. Click on the Donate tab.

Yes. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

There will be portable bathrooms at the campgrounds but bathrooms will be primitive on the trails.

July in Colorado is usually very hot and dusty. Be sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, close toed shoes and lots of water.

Yes. Our trail guides are trained to put your safety first. If they ask you to refrain from any activity, to avoid specific trails or areas which jeopardize you or your fellow participant’s safety or is not authorized for our use, please follow their directions. Set Them Free does not authorize or promote any night runs. AS AGREED TO IN YOUR WAIVER, ALL PARTICIPANTS AGREE TO WEAR HIS OR HER RESPECTIVE SEAT AND SHOULDER BELTS. IF A TRAIL GUIDE ASKS YOU TO WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT AND YOU DO NOT COMPLY, VIOLATORS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE TRAIL, MONEY WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

Participants are advised to closely follow instructions given by trail guides, spotters, and Set Them Free. However, there’s the possibility of damage to your vehicle when traveling rough terrain. Any damage is the owner’s responsibility. Higher difficulty ratings are more likely to encounter hard terrain that may contribute to vehicular damage. Participants are required to sign a waiver form.

All vehicles must be street legal and insured to drive on any road. Otherwise, they must be carried on a trailer to and from the trailhead and have a valid OHV sticker.

Your donations include breakfast and dinner on Saturday. Feel free to pack any additional snacks you may want for the trail or while you’re camping. Food will be available for purchase on all other days including Subway boxed lunches for trail days.


Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be brought into the fairgrounds premises either. They will be sold under the County Liquor License and we are not allowed any outside alcohol at camp.

STF Off Road is pet friendly. While participating in any STF Off Road activities, pets must be leashed at all times and are required to have all current vaccinations.

There are plenty of gas stations in town but we ask that you are fully gassed up on Saturday & Sunday morning prior to staging on Saturday & Sunday.

Registration and check in is from 3:00-8:30 PM at the fair grounds on Friday

Camping is charged by site, not by person.
RV Site-$25/night
Tent Site-$10/night

We recommend staying on site with us at the Chaffee County Fair Grounds. We will be hosting tent camping and dry RV camping. If you would like to stay in a hotel instead of camping several hotels in the area are expecting us.

Sure, you can register when you arrive but we recommend you register as early as possible so we can ensure our vendors will have enough product and meals to provide to you. Lodging space will fill up quickly so it’s better to reserve yours early with us at registration.

We will keep registration open until the Friday night of the event. The important thing to us is rescuing victims of human trafficking.

$50/Vehicle Driver
$25/Rider (21 yrs and over)
$10/Adolescent Rider (12-20 yrs)
FREE for Children 11 yrs and under
*Example: A husband and wife couple would cost a total of $75 ($50 for the driver, $25 for an Adult Rider)

You can register here or click the REGISTER tab on the top of this page. Once you reserve a spot
for your vehicle and friends, you’ll use Paypal to secure it with your donation.

We want you to be a part of Set Them Free Off Road 2016. If life is making it hard for you to come at the asking donation price we can work something out. Several generous donors have donated tickets to this event and if you cannot afford the event please take advantage of their generosity. Please don’t let money cause you to miss out on having a good time with us, contact and we will make it work.